• High school diploma; Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Must have a current “Negative” Tuberculosis Test and fingerprint clearance of any prior criminal offenses that would prohibit them from working in public schools, children, or community programs serving individuals with special needs. 
• Ability to follow verbal and written instructions. 
• Ability to make independent, logical and practical decisions. 
• Ability to work cooperatively with client’s team including parents, teachers, counselors, and specialists. 
• Ability to maintain professional appearance and conduct at all times. 
• Excellent follow-through skills. 
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Preferred Experience
• 2 years of college coursework and/or work experience in the fields of Developmental Services, Special Education, Psychology, Social Work or related areas.
• 1 year of experience working with individuals with learning, behavior or emotional challenges in a professionally supervised program implementing behavior management programs.
• Background working with families, care providers or professionals as well as individuals of different age groups.

The following specific job requirements are expected in this position:

• Fingerprint clearance from both the Department of Justice and the F.B.I.
• Evidence on file of a current negative TB test.
• Evidence on file of a current high school diploma or equivalent.
• Evidence on file of current CPR and First Aid Certification.
• Evidence on file of a current W4 and 19.
• Certification on file of both the completion of PART Training and the review of the Blood Borne Pathogens Safety Video.

Physical Ability
This position requires working with a variety of age groups and a variety of disabilities.  Necessary physical abilities may differ by assignment.  All assignments will require the ability to:

• Lift or carry up to 10 pounds
• Stand, sit, and/or walk for up to two hours at a time
• Squat, kneel, bend, stoop or crouch occasionally
• Twist upper body occasionally
• Push or pull when working with clients in wheelchairs
• Physically manipulate or support those clients with physical disabilities
• Run – after/retrieve clients that may attempt to run away

Who to contact:

Denny Sullivan
(707) 322-3228

On Our Own, Inc.

Teaching Skills That Foster Independence

Temporary Support Assistants are responsible for working with individuals who have behavioral or learning challenges. Temporary Support Assistants play an important role in carrying out the Behavioral Support intervention plan designed by the Behavior Specialist. They assist individuals to manage their own behavior and learn new and useful skills in order to increase their independence. Temporary Support Assistants report to the On Our Own Supervisor.

Temporary Support Assistant