Behavior Support Plan 
We then develop a plan that is customized to the individual and designed to assist that person in changing inappropriate behavioral patterns to appropriate behavior. Our work results in seeing more effective interpersonal skills in the person which acts to enhance their overall joy of life and makes day to day life more pleasant for the parent or caregiver.

Parent/Caregiver Training 
The third aspect of our intervention is in the training and support of the parent or caregiver. They learn both specific behavioral intervention strategies that effect positive behavioral change and additional parenting skills that serve to reinforce and maintain the new behaviors.

On Our Own, Inc.

Teaching Skills That Foster Independence

We provide support to educators, students and care providers with:

Functional Behavioral Assessments

  • Classroom Behavior Support

  • IEP Consultation

  • Teacher Support & Classroom Management

  • Team Collaboration

  • One-on-One Behavioral Assistants
  • ​Paraeducators 

School Support Services

We provide behavioral support in three parts.

Functional Behavioral Assessment
A comprehensive functional analysis of the behaviors that interfere with a person's developmental growth or functioning in the home, school or community. Our behavior assessment includes direct observation within the environment where the problem behavior occurs. We even work with the parent or the caregiver to develop a thorough evaluation of the individual's needs.

Behavioral Support