Education: A master’s degree in a related field such as psychology, special education,
social work etc. The qualifying program should, preferably, have an emphasis toward applications of behavior therapy, behavior modification, applied behavior analysis, special education, or other appropriate therapeutic or teaching modalities for people with developmental, behavioral, or learning challenges. BCBA, License or Teaching credentials for severely handicapped, learning handicapped, or emotionally disturbed are preferred.
•  At least two years of experience in conducting behavioral assessments utilizing a functional behavior analytic approach and designing positive behavior support plans and interventions.
•  Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team member. Ability to communicate effectively with consumers, professionals, parents, and others. Ability to prepare written reports in a timely and articulate manner in order to meet documentation requirements of the agency and contractors.
Preferred Experience
•  Experience working with children including infants, preschool, primary, and adolescent age groups. Knowledge of child development, developmental disabilities including specific characteristics of disabling conditions and their impact on normal development. Designing behavior management programs appropriate for these age groups.
•  Experience working with families of children with special needs including parent training, counseling, and support strategies. Knowledge of family systems and the impact of child disabilities on parents and families.
•  Experience working in school settings including providing consultation and training to teachers and support staff. Experience in designing behavior support programs for application in school settings following current state and federal guidelines.
•  Experience working with adults with behavioral, learning, or social challenges. Knowledge of characteristics of psychiatric and behavior disorders and behavior intervention strategies appropriate for the needs of individuals with associated characteristics. Knowledge of developmental services system and ability to work within the system to assist in coordinating the behavior support plan.

Who to contact:

Steve Sweet
(707) 495-0693

On Our Own, Inc.

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Behavior Specialists are responsible for the development, implementation, and supervision of behavior support programs for clients referred to On Our Own, Inc. The job requirements involve a variety of proficiencies in many areas relating to the needs of people with learning, developmental and behavioral challenges. Behavior Specialists are professionals in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis and its applications of Behavioral Intervention techniques. They are especially knowledgeable about behavioral intervention techniques as applied with families and in educational settings, community settings, residential programs, and vocational settings.

Behavior Specialist